Red Cross CPR

Red Cross is a humanitarian voluntary organization that works world wide for protecting human health. They work for people suffering from injuries and diseases by relieving their pain through medicines and treatments. Red Cross organizes activities to help the poor, injured and victims of natural disaster. The Red Cross also offers courses in first aid, medical help for parents, volunteers, teachers, and paramedical staff around the world. Red Cross has taken up the concept of giving training for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Red Cross helps the people from dire consequences of injuries that happen at home, school, work pace and play grounds through giving training of CPR to individuals who can help in such situations. This technique is the best method of first aid before medical help is given.

Red Cross CPR

The Red Cross trains and gives certification courses in CPR to individuals and work places and schools. The certification is valid for a year. These courses teach individuals to recognize breathing problems and cardiac arrests among people. The CPR helps in giving relief to patients before medical help arrives. The CPR helps in extending the lives of people who have suffered from heart attacks and breathing problems. The Red Cross has certified trainers who give training to the individuals who have joined the course.

The Red Cross offers two courses in CPR as follows:

The course in detail explains:

  1. How to recognize the condition of breathlessness in the person who has stopped breathing and heart beats.

  2. The training teaches you to assess a situation and act during an emergency. You need to call for medical help.

  3. You are taught the procedure of giving rescue breathing. This is taught with the help of dummies and lectures at the training program

  4. Then the procedure of chest compression is taught and the required force that has to be applied is also described in the course.

  5. This course has to be taken in person. Online certification is not possible as the course has both theoretical and practical aspects.

To take up this course, an individual has to be 18 years old. The certification trains people in CPR according to Red Cross Standards. The course duration is approximately 24 class hours. This course is available at all the local chapters of Red Cross. Statistics suggest that a trained CPR professional can help in saving life of a person.