Privacy policy

This site is surfed by a large number of visitors who wants to get information about CPR. They basically need information about the emergency guidelines and number to dial for medical assistance.

According to the internet policy we are bound to safeguard our customer privacy under any circumstances. Confidential information would not be shared with any one electronically or in written form. Personal information of the user such as name, social security number, address, and date of birth will not be shared. IP address would be extracted externally by the computer. This would help the system to know from where the site has been accessed.

A cookie is generated while browsing this site which will keep the track of the number of times the user has visited this site. It also aids you to access multiple pages at a time. It would vanish once you have logged out of this site. It also has an option in the home page which helps you to get basic CPR training if clicked. Another type of cookie identifies your email id and there is no need for entering it again.

Our site has tie-up with Google Ads which provides updates about the latest CPR courses, system, training, supplies and related websites. All the available topics related to CPR are summarized on one side of the home page of the website. User can quickly browse the home page and select the topics about which they require more information.