CPR Supplies

CPR is an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration. Apart from the standard procedure of breathing and chest compressions, medical paramedics also use some more devices to help revive the person.

The various CPR supplies used during the on site procedures or in CPR training are:

  • CPR Masks: The CPR masks are used in the emergencies to supply oxygen and to produce blood flow in the heart and lungs. The mask is used to ensure that infectious diseases, germs, blood and other bodily fluids are not transferred from the resuscitator to the patient or vice versa. There are various types of masks in the market given to rescue workers and the people trained to perform CPR.Many effective options to choose from, when performing CPR.

    The CPR Pocket Face mask is used to give rescue breaths to person. These masks are often found in first aid kits, they ensure safety by having a one-way filter valve. This valve prevents any mucus, blood, vomit etc. going into the resuscitators mouth when giving rescue breaths into the mouth of the patient.

    Some masks have a built-in oxygen intake tube, which allows the oxygen in the atmosphere to be taken and delivered to the patient. The use of such a type of mask can be very helpful for the person giving rescue breaths during CPR by alleviating some of the stress and strain on him/her.

    The bag valve masks is another type of mask used in CPR procedures. This mask requires two hands to operate. One hand is used to seal the mask over the mouth, while the other to squeeze air from the bag in to the patients mouth.

    CPR shields are type of mask that are usually used in CPR training classes. These masks are low cost and effective barriers for practicing CPR techniques.

  • CPR manikins: CPR manikins are simply life size dolls or manikins that help in training for the CPR procedure. The basic CPR manikin consists of a torso and head with changeable airways and removable masks. The airways can be changed to stimulate various situations, which could arise while giving CPR. The CPR masks are used for sanitation during CPR training, so that many students can use the same dummy, allowing people to practice moving and positioning bodies during CPR and other first aid procedures.

  • CPR kits: The CPR kit is a collection of all the basic CPR supplies needed for CPR procedure to be carried out. This CPR kit includes the CPR one-way valve face shield, vinyl gloves and antiseptic wipes, especially for CPR purposes.

  • Oxygen Units: The oxygen unit is a supplementary oxygen supply used for inhaling by the victims. It is a lightweight unit with a handle and a shoulder strap. It is usually a 40-minute to 90-minute oxygen supply. It is refillable by any compressed gas distributor.

  • AEDs: Automated External Defibrillators or AED are lifesaving devices to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest. These AEDs are designed to quickly and easily provide an electric shock to revive the victim's normal heart rhythm.

Professional medical persons like paramedics usually carry the CPR supplies, in order to restore the victim until proper medical help can be given to him/her. Various companies provide such CPR supplies with varying prices. Some recognized companies in such supplies are Philips, Zoll, Medtronic, etc.