CPR Renewal

CPR courses issue a certificate on their completion, which signifies that one is able to perform CPR in case it is needed. This certificate has to be renewed annually. CPR renewal time depends on the companies who certify them. Some companies provide long lasting certificates. The CPR renewal has to be made according to the needs of an individual and requirements of the company that one is working for.

CPR renewal courses are offered by many organizations like the American Red Cross, American Heart Association. These organizations tend to be the starting point for anyone thinking about CPR renewal course. From the types of courses offered by these organizations, we can choose the recertification needed. Health workers, business owners, employees who must meet ODHO requirements and individuals who want to be certified for various reasons, can avail these recertification courses.

Government agencies, health care companies and other organization often work with these CPR organizations like the American Safety and Health institute, or ASHI. The CPR renewal courses offered by such institutes vary by the location of such institutes or by the needs of an individual.

Apart from these organizations, there are many private companies offering CPR renewal courses as well. In such cases, the CPR renewal classes given, by such companies, have to abide by the requirements of the ASHI. Therefore, before signing up any such private institutes offering CPR renewal courses, one should check if these CPR renewal companies are credited with ASHI and are accepted by the company, which employs them.

Another option for a person searching for an alternative to the traditional classroom training is the web based learning programs. These CPR renewal programs use e-simulation to show interactive, realistic scenarios for the learner to understand the process. These programs include skill games that help reinforce learning objectives and carry a feedback and evaluation mechanism, that let the students know if they are correct or not. Such online courses last for up to one hour or so for completion of the online part. The skills testing have to be given on site to the respective instructor. Upon completion of both tests, students are issued an American Heart Association BLS-Healthcare Provider Course Completion Card.