CPR Procedure

CPR is the best way to save a life. The method used to implement CPR is easy to learn and consumes very little time as well. The cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a sure way to keep a cardiac patient alive till the time help reaches.


  • Initially all you are expected to do is to call for emergency services and start with mouth to mouth breathing till the time the patient's chest does not get back to normal or you can give chest compressions which are much more effective and useful as proved by the new guidelines

  • The chest compressions comprise 30 compressions which include 2 rescue breaths, keep on continuing with the compressions till there is any help available.

  • The procedure for CPR child and CPR infants varies as compared to that of the adults. For them, CPR should be given in the center of the chest with a little less force

  • The most sensitive CPR procedure is given to pregnant women. Unless and until there is no cardiac arrest, CPR should not be performed on pregnant ladies. The process of CPR in this case is to thrust the chest or to do a finger drop in the mouth. One must first lift the woman's body and then do the chest compressions with a lot of care. It is essential to give CPR in a proper way. If not done properly, it can lead to a decreased rate of blood to the heart.

There are 2 electronic procedures known as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Their procedures being:

CPR Procedure

First, make use of the medicines. If that does not work then electric shock, which is continued till the time the heart starts beating normally again.

Secondly, the doctors put down a tube in the patient's windpipe which connects the tube with the oxygen bag in the body. To push oxygen in the lungs, the bag is squeezed and then the heart starts pumping the oxygen to the remaining parts of the body. As soon as the blood pressure and heart beat gets back to normal the tube from the windpipe is retracted and attached to the ventilator till the patient is completely fine.

Thus these are the procedures which when carried out in a proper way are effective.