CPR Mask

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a life saving process, but even while giving CPR there are various CPR steps that need to be taken to ensure that the victim is out of danger. In this entire process, the first major step is rescue breathing performed by a volunteer. During this rescue breathing, there maybe a chance of spreading of disease or germs to the patient or you getting infected since you are in direct contact with the patient.

To reduce this risk, various types of CPR masks are available in the market.

  1. CPR micro shield: A tiny, well designed device which can be placed around the victim's mouth. It is designed with a single valve to keep the fluids coming out from the victim's mouth away from the volunteer's mouth. CPR micro shield is also one of the oldest CPR masks available.

  2. CPR micro key: It is designed in such a way that it has a ring attached to one of ends which makes it easier to carry it in the pocket. It has the same function as that of the CPR micro shield. It's like a keychain plus safety device.

    CPR Mask

  3. CPR pocket resuscitator: Specially designed by the American Diagnostic Corporation is best suited for professional rescuers. One of the most effective of all the masks, these masks can also be fixed to a ventilation machine if required. Unfortunately there is only one disadvantage with this mask- it cannot be sealed upon the victim's mouth.

  4. CPR face shield: The face shield mask is very similar to the micro key mask, except it's bigger. The CPR face shield also comes in the form of a keychain. There is no single valve provided to it, but there is a filter which protects the rescuer. This mask is considered to be 99% safe from diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis. It is designed in such a way to give best protection against bacteria and virus.

These 4 types of masks are well suited for the rescuers. "Precaution is better than Cure."