CPR Instructor

The learners are well trained and qualified to perform CPR in case of emergency. They are also given a certification. But there are many who want to be a step ahead than just be trained in CPR. They want to be certified instructors so that they can help the community. The CPR instructors will be qualified to train a layman for cardiopulmonary resuscitation process.

This course for the instructors gives all the additional knowledge required for CPR, but candidates are required to have some previous knowledge about the same. Then they can be trained further, this particular type of course facilitates in giving you more useful knowledge as an instructor. It includes many practice exercises like individual and group assignments. It also has the Red Cross essential principles and the changes that take place in CPR from time to time.

The American Heart Association has a course called Instructor Initial which is a 16 hour long course. This course is specially designed to give the learners detailed knowledge of the things they will be teaching. It helps you to increase your knowledge about CPR; it makes you efficient enough to train the new learners. The age criteria required for this course of instructor is above 17 years and you also need to have a basic learner's certification.

The objectives of this course are to maintain all the required reports and documents, correctly demonstrate the first aid and CPR in such a way that the learners are skilled, make sure the participant is safe during the entire learning process, teach the course module in such a way that the participants are involved entirely in the course.

Thus, the instructor course offered by AHA is designed to make you a skilled instructor.