CPR Instructions

Advances in technology are inevitable but the traditional hands-on CPR method is still the only process that can help you in emergency, when there is absolutely no aid available. CPR instructions if followed in a right way can have positive results.

CPR instructions:

  • If you find an unresponsive person then call a helpline. Meanwhile, you as a volunteer try to wake that person up by shaking him/her vigorously or by shouting into his/her ears "are you fine".

  • If you get No response then lay that person down on flat surface and try to feel or listen to the breathing activity of the patient. Take nearly 5-10 seconds to check on breathing.

  • If there is no hint of breathing, then open the air passage. all you have to do is tilt the head of the victim slightly and lift the chin, in this way the airway gets opened.

  • Keeping the head in this same manner and give two rescue breathing sessions by placing your mouth upon the victim's mouth and pinch the nose tight so that the air does not pass out from there. While breathing in make sure that each time you breathe in, the chest of the victim rises.

  • As soon as you are done with the rescue breathing, immediately start with the chest compressions. In the center of the chest, place the palms of your hand one upon another and start pressing down the chest with only so much force that the chest goes down 2 inches. It is necessary to give 30 compressions and it should be given at the speed of 100 times per minute.

  • When the 30 compressions get over, bend down and open the airway again a give 2 rescue breathes. After this again start with chest compressions. Keep on doing this entire process till the time help reaches in.

These instructions always come in use.