Child CPR

Child safety in one of the most important issues, with the increasing risks everyday, one has to make sure that their child is safe from various health problems. The blockage in breathing caused in children can prove to be fatal. The breathing problem in a child is not due to a cardiac arrest it is due to some head strain, poisonous smoke inhalation and an injury. A child is considered to be more flexible so the response rate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a kid is more as compared to the one with the adult. When the child goes still and does not respond to the parent or the rescuers, CPR should be started.

Child CPR

  1. Give a call to the emergency helpline so that there in no further delay.

  2. Try and get the child to respond, by pinching him or by speaking something into its ear. If there is no response at all then lay the child down on a flat surface and trying patting him.

  3. The passage for the air should be open, tilt the head slightly and lift the chin and look into the mouth if there is any kind of obstruction in the air passage. try to get it out. Press your ear close enough to child's nose and mouth so that you are able to detect any kind breathing activity that takes place.

  4. If there is no positive response, then without any further delay start with CPR. It should start with rescue breathing by pressing your mouth tightly over the child's mouth and breathing inside his mouth while closing the nose every time you breathe in. If you see the chest rising during rescue breathing then take away the mouth and let the chest fall.

  5. Just take a quick check and see if the heart is beating, if not then immediately begin with the chest compressions with your palms. Gently press in the center of the chest to get the heart beating back again. Repeat this cycle for at least 12 times keep a check on the pulse and breathing.

  6. As soon as the child starts breathing again and gets back to normal, give a call to the doctor and ask for further assistance.

These steps play a greater emphasis in rescuing someone from the clutches of death. So, try to keep yourself calm and proceed with the above steps.