About Us

www.cprlab.com provides you information about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It is a site basically designed to provide information about the emergency cardiovascular care. Firstly, it describes CPR. It is the primary aid given to a patient at the time of cardiac arrests. The site provides pictorial description and related guidelines to be undertaken when a person has cardiac arrest. These simple steps followed at the right time may save the life of the patient till he/she gets necessary medication.

The site also informs you about the emergency dial number that can be used in case of emergency. Apart form these, it also provides an option wherein they provide you basic training for CPR. It gives basic details of CPR such as its definition, training, guidelines, certification, procedure, and steps. It has classified CPR according to the age of the individual and it also gives separate techniques for infant, child, and adults.

This site provides all related information such as the tests, CPR charts, its history, statistics, charts, card, recertification's, instructions etc. It provides assistance and information for all those who want information about CPR, and are properly executing it. Brief description with related pictures is given in the related links to this homepage. It updates you with recent techniques, and guidelines to be adopted by the individuals during emergency situations.

This site also acquaints you about the Red Cross which has started giving training for CPR. It also describes about the CPR courses, types, and methodology adopted by the Red Cross courses related to CPR.