CPR Training and Certification

Hello and welcome to CPR Lab, the emergency cardiovascular care site providing information about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

What is CPR
CPR is an emergency cardiovascular life saving procedure which consists of chest compressions and mouth to mouth respiration, so that blood with enough amount of oxygen is circulated to all important organs of the body. This cardiopulmonary resuscitation can keep a person alive for some time until some other advanced medical help arrives. This is very helpful if a person gets into a cardiac arrest.

When a person gets into a cardiac arrest, his or her survival depends on getting CPR from the people nearby. AHA has simplified CPR procedures and made is simple for people to understand.

CPR Steps
There are two simple steps when somebody has got sudden cardiac arrest:

  1. Call emergency services like 911 immediately.
  2. Press quickly and hard on the chest. Its called hands-only CPR.
cpr-step1 cpr-step2

And don't worry. You cannot worsen the situation, your CPR can only help. So go ahead and help somebody who needs your help.

CPR Video
Here is a sample video for you:

Read our various section on the right hand side menu to get more details about CPR guidelines, procedures and training. But in simplest terms, just press hard and fast in the center part of the chest. This can save the person's life.

CPR Guidelines
Following image shows the CPR guidelines:

CPR Guidelines